Russian troops are trying to withdraw from Lyman

The Russian troops are trying to get out of the Lyman "cauldron", said the Ukrainian journalism, Yuri Butusov.

According to him, the Russian troops are now withdrawing from Lyman as the city is being encircled by Ukrainian Forces. Russians realize that they cannot hold on to it any longer.

"Russian troops are fleeing from Lyman. Defensive barriers have been set up to cover the withdrawal," the journalist said.

He added that the Russian troops are moving to a new defensive line, along the R-66 highway between Svatove to Kreminna.

"Now the question is whether their units will be able to escape from the city even if they leave heavy weapons behind. The enemy has no chance to hold the city. It will be liberated soon. Now they will try to save their most combat-ready units that held the defense," the journalist said.

The area near Lyman has been held by the 20th Combined Arms Army of the Russian armed forces, which suffered a crushing defat.

"The Russian army was unable to hold the Lyman district of the Donetsk region, which Putin is going to annex today," Butusov said.

The Kremlin and the Russian Defense Ministry have been silent about the catastrophe near Lyman.

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