Russian troops suffer heavy losses in a failed attempt to drive Ukrainian Forces out from left bank of Dnipro river

The assault on Krynky by the 328th Airborne Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces resulted in the loss of four combat vehicles and personnel.

On Thursday, December 7th, the 328th Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces attempted to storm a Ukrainian stronghold in Krynky, located on the left bank of the Kherson region. The assault was unsuccessful and the Russian forces suffered heavy losses.

According to the Russian Telegram channel "Airborne Forces for Honesty and Justice," which is connected to the officers of the Dnieper group of the Russian Armed Forces, the Russian paratroopers attempted to break through into Krynyky from a forest area in the western direction. The advancing Ukrainian forces detected and defeated them in the approach.

"Yesterday, December 7th, during another assault on the settlement of Krynky, the paratroopers of the 328th Infantry Brigade (104th Guards Airborne Division) lost four BMD-4 armored vehicles near the road. There are also casualties and wounded," the channel reports.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces reportedly used the same tactics as when they defeated Russian assault units two days earlier. 

"On 05.12.23, the 328th motorized infantry battalion of the 104th motorized infantry division, advancing towards the settlement of Krynky from the southwest direction, came under intensive enemy fire, engaged in a counterattack, lost a BMD-4, a number of 200s (killed), 300s (wounded), and quickly retreated (to put it mildly) without any command to do so," previously reported the channel.
The channel blamed General Teplinsky, a Russian Armed Forces officer commanding the Kherson direction, for the catastrophic situation in the Krynyky area. "Frontal assaults with zero effect," only deplete the capabilities of the Russian army in this direction, the channel adds.
According to the Ukrainian serviceman from the 24th assault brigade Aidar, Stanislav Bunyatov, also known as 'Osman', on the morning of December 9, the Russians lost another infantry fighting vehicle (BMP) near Krynky. He published footage of the burning Russian military equipment on his Telegram channel.
"Another f***ing Russian BMP with infantry near Krynky was lost in the morning. No 300s, all are 200s (killed)," wrote the Ukrainian soldier.

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