Russian war bloggers call for withdrawal from Kherson region after Ukraine downs three Su-34s

Three Su-34 fighter-bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces were destroyed in the Kherson region, along with news of the imminent delivery of F-16s to Ukraine, causing panic among Russian war bloggers. The  Russian Telegram Channel "Airborne troops for for Honesty and Justice", which is affiliated with the officers from the Dnieper group of the Russian armed forces, is demanding an immediate "goodwill gesture" on the Southern front.

The channel confirmed the news about three Russian Su-34s downed in the Kherson region, specifying that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had taken down the Russian aircraft near the town of Chaplynka, which is deep in the rear of the Russian army in the Kherson region, approximately 60 km from the front line.

The channel asserts that recently an "unknown foreign air defense system" has taken control of almost the entire right bank of the region along the Nova Kakhovka-Armiansk line. The Russians believe this could be the Patriot system. According to the Russian bloggers, this makes it practically impossible for Russian warplanes to conduct combat operations there.

"Our command at the time ignored the threat, which resulted in the loss of scarce aircraft and valuable skilled pilots," wrote the Russian military. They demand the withdrawal of the Russian army beyond the Nova Kakhovka-Armiansk line, leaving about half of the right-bank region of the Kherson region.

"This will secure our aircraft, remove command posts from being targeted by enemy missiles, and allow our fighters to take up more advantageous defensive positions… The HQ of the Dnieper group of forces has already developed a corresponding plan. The only thing is that General Teplinsky, due to personal ambitions and excessive vanity, is currently delaying its implementation," the Russian military resource reported.

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