Scholz urges European nations to increase financial and military aid to Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has renewed calls for European partners to bolster financial and military support for Ukraine. With difficulties facing U.S. President Joe Biden in passing a new aid package for Kyiv through Congress, supporters of Ukraine are in a particularly challenging position, stated Scholz at a meeting with German Social Democratic Party members of the European Parliament in Berlin on Sunday, January 28. Consequently, he emphasized that Europe must discuss "how each can increase and extend their contribution."

Scholz noted that, unlike Germany, military support from other European countries is often limited. He added that the German government has already allocated more than seven billion euros in this year's budget for Ukraine, which currently amounts to over half of the total aid provided by European states. Scholz also expects other EU countries to enhance their contributions.

According to the German Chancellor, Russian President Vladimir Putin must realize that simply waiting for support for Ukraine to weaken will not prove successful. Resolute strength is also a crucial factor in bringing about a swifter peace in Ukraine, Scholz believes.

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