Serbian President: main part of Ukrainian counteroffensive will begin in coming days

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić believes that in the coming days Ukrainian troops will begin a new attack as part of the counteroffensive. He expects that "an attack on the Serbs" in Kosovo will happen at the same time.

The President of Serbia noted that, in his opinion, the Ukrainians "have prepared dozens of brigades that will seriously break through the Russian defense lines."

He stressed that when he says this, he does not cheer for Ukrainians, but expresses what he thinks. According to Vučić, Ukraine wants to change the course of the war before the EU summit in Vilnius on July 12.

"When it starts, and I expect it to start tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or in the coming days, then you will see an additional attack against Kosovo and Metohija. Therefore, I ask the Serbs to beware that anyone who thinks that these monsters can attack them hides. I am afraid that this terror will become even more ferocious, he (Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti) presented himself in the role of Zelensky, the new Great Albanian leader who will unite all Albanian countries and do a great job," Vučić said on the Serbian TV Prava.

The situation in northern Kosovo, as well as in relations between Belgrade and Pristina, has escalated in recent months. In the past weeks, there has been an outbreak of violence due to local elections, which the Serbian majority boycotted and did not recognize the results.

The European Union has prepared sanctions against Kosovo due to ignoring requests for immediate steps to reduce tensions in the north of the country.

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