Spain arrests three Russian mafia leaders

The police in Marbella, south of Spain, arrested three criminal mafia leaders from the former Soviet Union countries. They are accused of the attempted murder, documents falsification and being members of a criminal organization.  Country’s police released a video of their arrest that took place in a cafe.

According to the Spanish police, the criminal leaders were detained when they allegedly discussed the plan to kill a member of the rival gang.

According to DW report based on the Spanish police information, among these “meeting” participants, were two Georgian mafia members who in recent years coordinated the criminal activities of Russian immigrants. One of the detainees is considered the third most important person in the "Russian mafia".

According to the police, the arrested mafia members were planning to restore the criminal structure that was destroyed in June 2017. At that time, the law enforcement arrested 129 suspects. However, in July an investigation began again, as traces of one of the criminal leaders, who led the previously defunct criminal group from Lithuania, surfaced in Marbella.

This is "one of the most prominent "Thieves in Law" crime ring members in Europe," said the police.

In early February 2018, the State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik and 17 other suspects were brought to trial in Spain on charges of laundering money for two Russian mafia gangs. The so-called "case of the Russian mafia in Spain" became well known in 2008, after Spain arrested several Russian citizens allegedly linked with the “Tambov Gang”

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