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  • Russian pilot who hijacked a Russian military helicopter and transported it to Ukraine reportedly found shot dead in Spain

    Maxim Kuzminov, the Russian pilot who hijacked a military helicopter, has been found dead in Spain, said Andriy Yusov, an official representative of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR). However, he shared no further details.

    The news about his murder was published by TASS on February 19, citing certain Spanish media sources. In reality, there were no such reports in the Spanish media, and the news originated from the Telegram channel Eureka News - a channel run by Russian blogger and …

  • Spain to send armored vehicles and an air defense system to Ukraine

    Spain will send Ukraine air defense systems and armored vehicle as part of the country’s package of military assistance to Kyiv, according to the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

    “Coinciding with the sixth month of the war in Ukraine, and with (Ukraine’s) Independence Day, Spain continues supporting the Ukrainian people in their fight to defend peace and freedom against the Russian invasion,” a Spanish Ministry of Defense statement read.

    The shipment will include an anti-aircraft battery and …

  • Spain to provide to Ukraine 10 Leopard tanks and 20 M113 armored personnel vehicles

    The Spanish Defense Ministry agreed to deliver to Ukraine 10 Leopard 2A4 tanks and 20 M113 armored personnel vehicles, reported the newspaper Infodefensa, citing its own sources.

    At the moment, the Spanish Defense Ministry is looking into the possibilities of shipping the tanks and armored vehicles which are not use by the Spanish army and are currently in storage. Prior to this, Spain supplied Ukraine only with ammunition, light weapons, and personal protective equipment.

    Infodefensa notes …

  • Berlin blocks Spain from sending German made tanks to Ukraine

    Germany did not allow Spain to send German Leopard 2 A4 tanks to Ukraine, reports Der Spiegel.

    Spain planned to send to the Ukrainian Armed Forces 40 tanks produced in the 90s. According to international trade rules, the permission was supposed to be obtained from the country producing the tanks. But Germany refused to allow the delivery. In addition, according to Der Spiegel, Germany warned Spain that this step would deviate from the decision taken by other Western allies not to supply tanks …

  • Russia expelling French, Spanish and Italian diplomats

    The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday, May 18, that Russia decided to expel the employees of the diplomatic missions of France, Spain and Italy in response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from these countries. "As a response, 34 employees of French diplomatic institutions in Russia have been declared persona non grata. They must to leave the territory of Russia within two weeks from the moment of serving the ambassadors with the relevant notices," the Russian Foreign …

  • Spain denies Russian warships entry in the port of Ceuta

    The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not give permission to two Russian warships, the large anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov and the rescue tugboat Altai, to enter the port of Ceuta (a Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa), reports Deutsche Welle.

    The newspaper Confidencial, citing official sources, claims that Russian warships were planning to dock for three days from August 18 to refuel in Ceuta and replenish food supplies. The crew members were also planning …

  • Russian military aircraft disrupts Spanish Prime Minister’s press conference in Lithuania

    Russian military aircraft disrupted the briefing of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Lithuanian President Gatanas Nauseda, which took place at the NATO air base in the Lithuanian city of Šiauliai, reported the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

    During Nauseda's speech, a representative of the Spanish air force contingent stationed in Lithuania approached Sanchez notifying him of an unidentified Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea.

    After the alarm signal in the room where the press …

  • Spanish judge finds Russian involvement in Catalan independence case

    Russia offered the Catalan independence movement support with soldiers and money.

    Spanish judge Joaquin Aguirre investigating the diversion of public funds to pay for the former head of the Catalan pro-independence movement Carles Puigdemont’s  structure in Waterloo , as well as other expenses, suspects that, days before the Catalan unilateral declaration of independence, Russia offered to send to Catalonia 10,000 soldiers and pay the Catalan debt , which the former Catalan president rejected, …

  • Spain returns to China unreliable coronavirus test kits also purchased by Ukraine

    Spain has sent a large batch of rapid coronavirus test kits back to the Chinese manufacturer because they proved unreliable, reports El Pais.

    On March 10, Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko announced that the Ukrainian authorities bought similar rapid test kits. These test kits were to be distributed to seven hospitals for coronavirus testing.

    It is noted that the first 9,000 test kits from the shipment had an accuracy of only 30% while the required accuracy is at least 80%.

    At the same time, …

  • Russian state agency employee detained in Spain at US request

    Olesya Krasilova, a Russian citizen and employee of the state agency All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center, was detained while departing from Tenerife airport, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday, February 21. This happened on February 14, when the Russian was returning from a business trip, which she went to on February 10, as part of an official Russian delegation, the Foreign Ministry said. The organization in which she works is subordinate to the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary …