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  • Spain sends major military aid package to Ukraine

    Ukraine's Forces have received a sizeable consignment of weaponry from another ally - Spain. The aid package includes what the Ukrainian Defence Forces currently need the most, as reported by Spanish newspaper El Mundo, citing government sources.

    Reports indicate that the equipment arrived in Ukraine last week on 21 June. Among the weapons delivered by the Spanish government are missiles for the American Patriot air defence systems. These are critically needed by Ukrainians to intercept …

  • Spain to deliver Leopard tanks and ammunition to Ukraine by June

    Defence Minister Margarita Robles has confirmed that Spain will deliver a new batch of Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine by the end of June, along with various types of ammunition, according to a statement released by her department on Monday, reports El Mundo.

    The minister emphasised the "important efforts" Spain is already making, highlighting in particular the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

    Previously, Spain had delivered promised Patriot air defence system missiles to Ukraine

    Additionally, …

  • Russian landing ships spotted in Spanish waters, monitored by Spanish Navy

    The Russian landing ships Ivan Gren, Alexander Otrakovsky, and the oil tanker Kola have been detected in Spanish territorial waters. Over a five-day period, the Spanish patrol vessels Atalaya and Vigía tracked the movements of these vessels, according to a statement from the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

    Between March 21 and 26, the Atalaya and Vigía patrol ships monitored the passage of the Russian flotilla comprising of the landing ships Ivan Gren, Alexander Otrakovsky and the oil tanker Kola. …

  • Spain to send additional Leopard tanks to bolster Ukraine's defense capabilities

    Spain is preparing to dispatch a new shipment of combat tanks to Ukraine, reports Infodefensa citing sources within the country's defense ministry. The delivery will consist of 19 Leopard 2A4 tanks, set to be readied at the Santa Bárbara Sistemas factory in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Seville. The delivery is slated to be in two parts: ten tanks by the end of June, followed by a further nine in September.

    The direction for the provision was given by Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, who, …

  • Ukrainian Border Guard delegation visits Spain to discuss defense industry support

    This week, a Ukrainian State Border Guard Service (SBGS) delegation visited Spain to explore the capabilities of the local defense industry. Additionally, Ukrainian border guards met Spanish officials, including Defense Minister Margarita Robles, as reported by the Spanish news website Infodefensa.

    The primary goal for representatives of Ukraine's SBGS was to identify potential additional equipment and weaponry that the Spanish defense industry could provide to reinforce Ukrainian border.

    The …

  • Russian pilot who hijacked a Russian military helicopter and transported it to Ukraine reportedly found shot dead in Spain

    Maxim Kuzminov, the Russian pilot who hijacked a military helicopter, has been found dead in Spain, said Andriy Yusov, an official representative of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR). However, he shared no further details.

    The news about his murder was published by TASS on February 19, citing certain Spanish media sources. In reality, there were no such reports in the Spanish media, and the news originated from the Telegram channel Eureka News - a channel run by Russian blogger and …

  • Spain to send armored vehicles and an air defense system to Ukraine

    Spain will send Ukraine air defense systems and armored vehicle as part of the country’s package of military assistance to Kyiv, according to the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

    “Coinciding with the sixth month of the war in Ukraine, and with (Ukraine’s) Independence Day, Spain continues supporting the Ukrainian people in their fight to defend peace and freedom against the Russian invasion,” a Spanish Ministry of Defense statement read.

    The shipment will include an anti-aircraft battery and …

  • Spain to provide to Ukraine 10 Leopard tanks and 20 M113 armored personnel vehicles

    The Spanish Defense Ministry agreed to deliver to Ukraine 10 Leopard 2A4 tanks and 20 M113 armored personnel vehicles, reported the newspaper Infodefensa, citing its own sources.

    At the moment, the Spanish Defense Ministry is looking into the possibilities of shipping the tanks and armored vehicles which are not use by the Spanish army and are currently in storage. Prior to this, Spain supplied Ukraine only with ammunition, light weapons, and personal protective equipment.

    Infodefensa notes …

  • Berlin blocks Spain from sending German made tanks to Ukraine

    Germany did not allow Spain to send German Leopard 2 A4 tanks to Ukraine, reports Der Spiegel.

    Spain planned to send to the Ukrainian Armed Forces 40 tanks produced in the 90s. According to international trade rules, the permission was supposed to be obtained from the country producing the tanks. But Germany refused to allow the delivery. In addition, according to Der Spiegel, Germany warned Spain that this step would deviate from the decision taken by other Western allies not to supply tanks …

  • Russia expelling French, Spanish and Italian diplomats

    The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday, May 18, that Russia decided to expel the employees of the diplomatic missions of France, Spain and Italy in response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from these countries. "As a response, 34 employees of French diplomatic institutions in Russia have been declared persona non grata. They must to leave the territory of Russia within two weeks from the moment of serving the ambassadors with the relevant notices," the Russian Foreign …