Media: Armed Forces of Ukraine gained control over the runway and the ruins of the Donetsk airport

The Ukrainian military took full control of the runway and the outskirts of the Donetsk airport along the demarcation line in eastern Ukraine. They also installed the Ukrainian flag a few meters from the destroyed terminal, TSN news program reports.

"The Ukrainian language on this side is heard everywhere, in commands, orders and conversations. And this annoys the separatists, who are positioned some hundreds of meters away, a lot, “ the report says.

The Ukrainian military know when to open fire and where to shoot from where they are entrenched. The ruins of the Donetsk airport are within the range of Ukrainian artillery, which allows the military to control them. The soldiers even studied the map of the Kuibyshevskyi District of the occupied Donetsk in case the team is given orders to advance.

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