Ukraine: supply of weapons by Lithuania is an example for other countries to follow

Lithuania’s provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine should send a signal to other former Soviet Union countries where there is still production of USSR's weapons, as stated by the acting Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Leonid Holopatyuk, Radio Liberty reports.

"Lithuania does not pursue just any security issues that are being discussed at the EU and NATO. This decisive step of Lithuania must be a signal to other post-Soviet countries, where the weapons of Soviet production are left. This should be a political signal for those countries that are still considering how much Ukraine needs lethal weapons," Holopatyuk noted.

According to him, Great Britain and Canada are among the western countries currently studying the possibility of providing Ukraine with defensive lethal weapons. "I therefore consider this a very strong political signal on the part of Lithuania," he stressed.

On November 29, the Republic of Lithuania decided to transfer arms and ammunition worth almost €2 million to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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