Ukrainian Military Command: Security of arms depots, bases, warehouses and other military units has been strengthened

The security of important military facilities in Ukraine, such as arms depots, bases, warehouses, and other military units have been strengthened due to the growth of terrorist threats, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stated.

"In connection with the growth of terrorist threats the security of arms depots, bases, warehouses, and other military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been strengthened. At the same time a number of urgent measures are being taken to equip important military facilities with modern surveillance systems and systems that counter unauthorized entries into the protected area. The admission of persons to these facilities is organized and carried out in strict accordance with the current legislation," the report said.

It was noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine "comprehensively assist the activities of law enforcement agencies directed at maintaining law and order in military units and the fulfillment by law enforcement of certain functions and tasks provided by the law, including strengthening the security of military facilities."

Citizens are asked to report to law enforcement authorities any suspicious persons near military facilities or places where troops are deployed.

Earlier, the Deputy Prosecutor General and Chief Military Prosecutor, Anatolii Matios, said that the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Viktor Muzhenko, banned the military prosecutors from entering areas where military units were present, Ukrainski Novyny reports.

Matios said during an interview with ZIK TV that the military prosecutor's office, after the explosions at the arms depots in Kalynivka (Vinnytsia region) and Balakliia (Kharkiv region), began to conduct inspections of the security of warehouses. "The level of security at military depots is extremely low," he stressed.

The Chief Military Prosecutor also accused the General Staff of obstruction. "The chief of the General Staff forbade military prosecutors to enter the areas where military units are stationed," he said.

Matios noted that prosecutors discovered a huge number of violations at the depots.

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