Kremlin denies that Trump and Putin’s meeting venue was relocated

The meeting place in Finland for the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States has not been changed, Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary for the President of Russia told journalists.

According to Peskov, the Villa Königstadt on the Vantaa River bank was never mentioned as a place for the forthcoming summit. “[Putin and Trump’s meeting place] will be announced in due time. Changing the meeting place is not subject to discussion,” Peskov stressed.

Earlier, the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported that the Villa Königstadt on the Vantaa river bank will no longer be the venue for the Summit of the Presidents of Russia and the USA. According to the newspaper, the Villa complies with all safety requirements and it is often used for international meetings but it is too small for the forthcoming event and it is too far from Helsinki.

The negotiations between Putin and Trump are expected to take place on July 16 in Helsinki. Bilateral relations between the USA and Russia, the settlement of the Syrian conflict and disarmament should be the main topics.

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