Moscow blocks UN resolution on sanctions against Russian Agrosoyuz bank

Moscow blocked the resolution submitted by the Unites States at the UN Security Council Committee requesting to impose sanctions against one individual and several legal entities, including Russian Commercial bank Agrosoyuz, for violating sanctions against North Korea.

"The evidence provided by Americans in support of their proposal is absolutely unconvincing", - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Friday.

Russian Ministry accused the US Delegation of "pushy methods of work at the UN Security Council and its auxiliary bodies that have become the norm" and "attempts to push forward favorable decisions without taking into account the views of other members by creating artificial time constraints".

"New sanctions by the USA not only do not contribute to improvement of the climate of Russian-American relations, but also go against the logic around the DPRK,” stated Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On August 3, the Russian Bank Agrosoyuz was put on the sanctions list of the US Treasury Department.  According to the American authorities, Agrosoyuz was involved in financing of the production of weapons of mass destruction in the DPRK.  According to the US Treasury, a representative of the North Korean Foreign Trade Bank in Moscow used Agrosoyuz  for money transfers.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the decision of the US Treasury "54th sanctions "attack" of the USA" against Russia since 2011. "Even American politicians suffering from acute Russophobia started to recognize that any attempts to pressure on Russia do not work. However, they continue to hold their line obsessively. As a result, they just demonstrate their own helplessness", - the statement signed by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov reads.

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