Turkey: Bayraktar combat drones will never be supplied to Russia

The Turkish company Baykar confirmed that it does not consider it possible to supply its Bayraktar combat drones  to the Russian Federation.

According to the company’s CEO Khaluk Bayraktar, Baykar drones make "a contribution to Ukraine's struggle for independence, and we are working to ensure that this contribution is made in the best possible way."

Bayraktar stressed that money is not a priority for his company, so even if Moscow offers a large amount, it still will not receive Turkish drones.

"Our friendship and cooperation with Ukraine have been going on for many years. Therefore, no matter how much money we are offered, to be honest, there can be no question of handing them over to them [Russians] in this situation," he said in an interview with BBC Russia.

At the same time, the company's CEO assured that his support is fully on the side of Ukraine, as it "is subjected to a very unfair, aggressive and unreasonable attack."

"Nothing will overshadow our cooperation with Ukraine, no matter what amount is offered, our position on this issue is clear," Bayraktar concluded.

Earlier, the media reported that Putin asked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to help open a plant to produce Bayraktar drones in Russia.

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