U.S. builds new military base in northern Syria

The U.S.-led coalition forces have begun building a new military base in northern Syria, where Russia has been trying to establish its presence, reported Russian Telegram-channel " the Military Observer" which monitors the Syrian conflict.

It is noted that the new base is being built in rural areas in Deir ez-Zor province, which is home to a third of Syria's oil deposits. Russia is very interested in this territory and it has repeatedly made attempts to take control of it. One such attempt a few years ago ended with the death of hundreds of Russian mercenaries.

The Americans intend to gain a serious foothold in this territory. The deployment of American Patriot missile systems is already under way at the base, the channel says. They will provide air and missile defence.

The channel noted that, in parallel, the U.S. has also begun to increase air defense capabilities in all its Syrian bases.

  Syria, USA, Russia