U.S. forces block large Russian military convoy from travelling on a road in northern Syria

U.S. military units once again blocked a Russian military convoy in northeastern Syria. The incident took place in the Syrian province of Hasaka, when Russian military equipment was being transported to one of the bases.

"According to news reports, a large Russian military convoy tried to transport equipment passing through the Tal Tamr roundabout when it was blocked by an American patrol. A Russian military convoy reportedly tried to head towards the town of Qamishli when they were met by an American patrol in the countryside of Al-Hasakah," Al Masdar News reported, citing the Syrian news agency North Press.

At the moment, it is known if there was a serious confrontation between the Russian and the American military. There have been no comments from the Russian or the U.S. officials.

  Hasakah, USA, Russia, Syria