U.S. intelligence: Russia actively involved in Libyan conflict

The U.S. African Command (AFRICOM) is receiving growing evidence that Russia, through the Wagner Group, continues to deploy military equipment in Libya and supply weapons to the front lines of the conflict.

"Russia continues to play an unhelpful role in Libya by delivering supplies and equipment to the Wagner group," said U.S. Marine Corps Brigadier General Bradford J. Gering.

He noted that “Russian Federation continues to violate U.N. Security Council Resolution UNSCR 1970 by actively providing military equipment and fighters to the front lines of the conflict in Libya”.

The U.S. estimates that Russia supplied Wagner's forces operating in Libya with armored vehicles, air defense systems, ammunition, and other materials.

" The type and volume of equipment demonstrates an intent toward sustained offensive combat action capabilities, not humanitarian relief, and indicates the Russian Ministry of Defense is supporting these operations," Gering said.

Last September, the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), which specializes in investigations into Russian interference in military conflicts, suggested that the Russian private military company Wagner was actively involved in the Libyan civil war on the side of the Libyan National Army, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who is trying to overthrow the internationally recognized Government of National Accord.

The Russian private military company, the Wagner Group, is known for taking part in the fighting in Syria, Ukraine, as well as Libya and other African countries. The Wagner Group was involved in the annexation of Crimea and fighting on the side of pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine.

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