UK offers to help Germany deliver Taurus missiles to Ukraine

London Offers Taurus Missiles Delivery Aid to Ukraine, Placing German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in a Quandary

According to BILD, the UK has proposed assisting Germany with the delivery of German Taurus missiles to Ukraine, a move that has put Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an uncomfortable position.

The British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, offered support to Germany for the transportation of the Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine.

"We are determined to work closely with our German partners on this matter, as on all others, to assist Ukraine," Cameron stated in an interview with a German newspaper.

One proposal involves a so-called "ring exchange," where Germany would transfer Taurus missiles to the UK, which would then supply Ukraine with additional Storm Shadow missiles.

Cameron added, "We are ready to consider all options to maximize impact for Ukraine but will not divulge any details and give our adversaries any hints of our plans."

The publication highlights that with this offer, the UK Foreign Office has placed Chancellor Olaf Scholz in a difficult position, since he has repeatedly stated that Germany does not want to be drawn into the war in Ukraine through the supply of Taurus missiles.

During a visit to Berlin on March 7th, the UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron "strongly urged" Germany to transfer long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

On March 1st, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he was refraining from supplying the Taurus missiles to Ukraine, as their range could enable Kiev to "reach specific targets somewhere in Moscow."

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