Ukraine accuses Russia of aiding Hamas in attack on Israel

Spokesperson of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Andriy Chernyak said that the Russians were aware of Hamas' preparation for an attack on Israel and even provided the terrorists with weapons obtained in Ukraine. In an interview with the news outlet RBC-Ukraine, Chernyak stated that the Russian military-industrial complex helps the Hamas militants in conducting combat operations.

"Currently, the Kremlin is using the Hamas attack to spread further propaganda against Ukraine and divert attention from Russian aggression," noted Chernyak.

According to him, several groups of Russian special forces are currently operating in the combat zone in the Middle East. 

Earlier, the Ukrainian Center for National Resistance reported that some Wagner PMC mercenaries, who were sent from Belarus to Africa, were training Hamas terrorists. Russian mercenaries shared their combat experience with the Palestinians, particularly regarding assault operations and the use of small UAVs to drop explosive materials.

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