Ukraine and Romania conduct join naval drills in the Black Sea

Ukraine and Romania conducted PASSEX join naval drills in the Black Sea.

The patrol boat of the Ukrainian Navy Starobelsk and the Romanian Navy corvette Contraamiral Horia Macellariu took part in the exercise, reported the press service of the Ukrainian Navy on Facebook.

It is noted that the ships of the two countries have worked out a series of tasks on compatibility according to NATO standards. The emphasis in training was placed on improving the skills and actions of ship crews in carrying out tasks by naval ship groups.

According to the commander of Starobelsk Senior Lieutenant Pavlo Gladchenko, the sailors of the two countries worked out several training exercises and performed maneuvers as part of different types of naval groups. The crews also practiced tactical maneuvering and communication in accordance with the NATO standards.

The Ukrainian aviation simulated an attack on the ships, and the Ukrainian and Romanian sailors worked out repelling the air attack.

The press service of the Ukrainian Navy said that Ukrainian sailors have been implementing NATO standards for a long time already.

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