Ukraine and the US sign Protocol on Defense Cooperation

Ukrainian-US bilateral defense consultations took place at the Central House of Officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kyiv. After the meeting, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and US Defense Department signed a Protocol that defines further areas of cooperation between the two defense agencies, reports the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

"The Ukrainian delegation, headed by Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Alina Frolova, discussed with American colleagues the main aspects of the defense cooperation between Ukraine and the United States. The main topics for discussion were the state and prospects of Ukraine's defense reform, as well as US support in this process," reads the statement.

In turn, the US representatives focused on supporting the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine and noted significant achievements in reforming and strengthening the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Earlier, the US State Department confirmed the possible sale of 150 anti-tank weapon systems and related equipment to Ukraine for $39 million. 

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