Ukraine begins full-scale production of domestic AQ-400 kamikaze drones

Ukraine's Armed Forces have received the first shipment of AQ-400 kamikaze drones, manufactured domestically. Full-scale production of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has already begun, with an initial target of producing 100 units per month. According to Defence Blog, the UAVs are capable of carrying a payload of up to 32 kg (with the potential to increase it to 70 kg) over a range of 750 km.

Terminal Autonomy is the company behind the production of the AQ-400, and they plan to ramp up production to 500 units per month in the future. The distinguishing features of these drones include their quick assembly, cost-effectiveness, and the ability for mass production. These advantages make the AQ-400 a crucial asset in the Ukrainian army's arsenal, marking a significant step forward in their military capabilities.

Terminal Autonomy has established UAV production through a network of small companies and engineering firms specializing in similar technology. While some components are sourced from other countries, the project's priority is to maximize use of locally made parts.

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