Ukraine carries out missile attack on bridges connecting Crimea and Kherson region

Ukraine launched a missile attack on the Chongar bridge connecting the annexed Crimea and the Kherson region, said Russia-installed head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. According to him, one missile hit and damaged the roadway, the other missiles were allegedly shot down by the Russian air defense forces. According to Aksenov, there were no casualties, and repair work on the roadway had already begun.

The Russian-appointed governor of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, claims that the attack on the Chongar bridge and the village of Chongar was carried out using Storm Shadow missiles. According to him, in addition to the bridge, the village school was damaged.

A little earlier, Saldo said that there was a strike on another bridge connecting Henichesk and the narrow Arabat Spit on Crimea's north-east coast. According to him, a total of 12 missiles were fired by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 9 were shot down by Russian air defense. During the attack on the Henichesk bridge, one civilian was wounded, Saldo said. Also, according to him, the gas pipeline from the Strelkovskoye gas field to Henichesk, which passes near the bridge, was damaged. More than 20 thousand residents of the city were left without gas.

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