Ukrainian drones strike across Russian regions

In the night of March 9, Russian territory came under a massive drone attack. Videos taken at the sites of the incidents featured explosions and the sound of car alarms being triggered.

Governors from Russian regions specified the settlements that were reached by Ukrainian drones.

Belgorod Region Governor, Vladislav Gladkov wrote that in the past day, UAVs had reached 13 villages scattered throughout the region. According to him, two people were killed and one was injured. An electricity transmission line, a gas pipeline, a vehicle, and outbuildings sustained damage. He claimed that one drone was shot down with firearms.

Kursk Region Governor, Roman Starovoyt, reported drone debris allegedly falling on a hospital in Kursk. He assured that no Russians were harmed.

Rostov Region Governor, Vasily Golubev, named two locations where UAVs were spotted – Taganrog (on the coast of the Black Sea, 200 km from Ukraine), and the village of Morozovsk (300 km away). Social networks published approximate coordinates of the attack, close to hangars where A-50 aircraft are repaired. Local news outlets also noted seeing a UAV flying at a speed of 200 km/h.

Volgograd Region Governor, Andrey Bocharov, did not specify the area where Ukrainian drones had reached. However, he briefly reported that "all attacks were repelled with no casualties" (approximately 300 km from Ukraine).

In recent days, explosions from UAV attacks are often heard in the territory of Russia. For instance, on March 6, there was a drone attack on the Kursk region where explosions occurred at an oil depot. Another attack on March 8 was described by Russians as "the most intensive". According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, four drones were shot down over Volgograd Region.

On the night of March 9, Russia was attacked by 47 drones equipped with explosives. The Russian Air Defence Forces assured that all detected drones in four regions were neutralized. The Russian Ministry of Defense provided details of the attack on their Telegram channel.

Russians claimed that the territory of Russia was threatened by aircraft-type drones, which, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, were launched by Ukrainians and "the Kyiv regime".

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