Ukrainian forces advance in Bakhmut area, recapture positions near Klishchiivka

Ukrainian forces are advancing near Bakhmut, particularly around the village of Klishchiivka, said Oleh Kalashnikov, the press officer of the 26th Artillery Brigade named after Brigadier General Roman Dashkevich, during a news broadcast.

"We are indeed witnessing very active operations on our part around Klishchiivka. Indeed, we are succeeding in advancing and liberating some of our territory, having driven the enemy out of certain positions and recaptured them," Kalashnikov stated.

However, he noted that the situation at the front is highly dynamic. "It's a back-and-forth struggle – we take some positions today; they take some tomorrow. It's a tactical level of warfare," the press officer explained.

Earlier, in its latest report, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) indicated that Ukrainian troops had recently made slight advances southwest of Bakhmut, an area which, according to ISW's preliminary assessments, had been under Russian control.

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