Ukrainian Forces cross the Dnipro river, gain foothold on the Russia-occupied left bank

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are stepping up their operations in the Kherson region, gaining footholds on the Dnipro river for the transfer of forces and equipment from the right bank. The Ukrainian troops have reportedly crossed the Dnipro River to the occupied left bank  near the village of Kazachi Lageri.

"So far, it looks like a reconnaissance attack carried out with the help of speedboats. But the Russians have tasted what will happen," writes Julian Roepcke, a military columnist for the German newspaper Bild. The journalist clarifies that he knew in advance about the planned operation, but, for obvious reasons, could not talk about it.

Russian war channels confirm that the Ukrainian Forces have managed to gain a foothold on the left bank. "The enemy has successfully entrenched itself on our bank of the Dnipro and captured the village of Kazachi Lageri and has even already broken through the first line of our defense in the area, which mostly consists of mobilized soldiers. The enemy has advanced 800 meters deep," writes the Telegram channel the Thirteenth.

"With the support of artillery, our troops, consisting of mobilized and volunteer contract soldiers, took a fire fight. The enemy began to use artillery. To prevent the flank movement of the enemy around our trenches, units of the Russian Armed Forces retreated to the area west of Kazachi Lageri," reports the Russian Telegram channel the Two Majors.

The head of the Russian administration of the Kherson region, Volodymyr Saldo, claims that this landing did take place, but was repelled. At the same time, as Roepcke notes, the Russians are confused about the number of destroyed Ukrainian boats, providing numbers from 2 to 7 pieces.

Earlier, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces took up positions north of Oleshky on the E97 highway. According to the ISW, Russia no longer controls most of the islands on the Dnieper.

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