Ukrainian forces down another Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber over Mariupol

The Ukrainian Air Force shot down another Russian Su-34 fighter jet around 9am on Friday, the Ukrainian military command reported on Saturday. According to the statement, the enemy multirole fighter, which was attempting to strike Ukrainian positions with guided bombs, was destroyed over the eastern operational direction. The Ukrainian military's tally indicates this marks the twelfth Russian aircraft to be shot down in the past two weeks, nine of which were Su-34s.

The commander of the Ukrainian Air Forces, Mykola Oleschuk, shared footage of a Ukrainian Armed Forces engagement when they downed a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber.

"This is it—downed. The Su-34 on the morning of March 1st, 2024, over the Mariupol area! It’s not always possible to share such videos, as the Air Forces are engaged in combat operations over vast distances! Verified, visually confirmed!" Oleschuk emphasized.

The commander expressed his thanks to the Ukrainian servicemen for their work.

On February 29th, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down three Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers. Over the course of February, 13 Russian Su-34 and Su-35 aircraft were destroyed.

The Su-34 is a Russian fighter-bomber designed to replace the obsolete Su-27 military aircraft. It was developed to more accurately target air objectives and to enable the air forces to deliver precise strikes against ground targets.

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