Ukrainian Forces liberate Andriivka south of Bakhmut

The Ukrainian military drove the Russians out of Andriivka south of Bakhmut. This will make it easier to encircle the enemy in Bakhmut, said the speaker of the Eastern Group of Ukrainian Forces, Serhiy Cherevatyi, on the Ukrainian TV.

"Like any other settlement around Bakhmut, this makes it possible to complete the encirclement of Bakhmut and oust or encircle the enemy," Cherevatyi said.

Cherevatyi emphasized that the Russians no longer have the upper hand in the area. They are thoroughly preparing for defense, mining positions. Therefore, before assault operations, all Ukrainian units undergo comprehensive training and coordination.

"This includes training on how to cross the minefields, anti-tank ditches, how to use German Biber bridge laying vehicles," Cherevatyi added.

Ukrainian troops are successfully using American cluster munitions near Bakhmut, said Cherevatyi.

"The Ukrainian Armed Forces use the entire range of ammunition provided by partners and use them as efficiently as possible. And the fact that the "Russian war correspondents " note this is a compliment to our artillerymen, because the enemy "military correspondents" know that the enemy, unfortunately, still has an advantage in shells and missiles," he said.

At the same time, Cherevatyi noted that Ukrainian artillerymen are "head and shoulders above" the Russians in their skills.

He assured that the Ukrainian Armed Forces use every high-precision projectiles delivered by the allies with the maximum efficiency.

So, in the Bakhmut direction, our troops gain the initiative and continue to liberate Ukrainian territory advancing hundreds of meters every day.

"In a week, this becomes kilometers of liberated territory. The time will come when this will be tens of kilometers. The main principle is the progressiveness and maximum preservation of personnel, while inflicting maximum harm and losses to the enemy. During this day, 95 occupiers were killed, 187 were wounded, three were captured," Cherevatyi said.

According to him large number of Russian equipment has been destroyed including two tanks, three airborne combat vehicles, two infantry fighting vehicles, Gvozdika self-propelled guns, five cannons, two anti-tank missile systems, one Borisoglebsk electronic warfare station, S-60 anti-aircraft gun, Orlan-10 UAV, three kamikaze drones, eight field ammunition depots, one fuel and lubricant depot and three vehicles.

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