Ukrainian Forces maintain presence on left bank of Dnipro river despite Russian airstrikes

Ukrainian forces are continuing their military operations on the left bank of the Dnipro river in the  Kherson region.
Russian military bloggers confirm that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are still on the left bank of the Dnipro in the Kherson region. Furthermore, the Ukrainian troops  are attempting to break through the Russian defense defense lines near Pishchanivka.

Russian micro bloggers confirm that Ukrainian troop are also active near the village of Krynki, as well as near the Antonovsky road and railway bridges. Moreover, yesterday the Ukrainian airborne troops attempted to break through the Russian defense lines near the villages of Pishchanivka and Poima.
The pro-Ukrainian underground movement Atesh claims that in the Kherson direction, the fighting against the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being carried out by Russia’s 126th Coastal Defense Brigade, based in Simferopol.
The Russians continue to carry out airstrikes on the right bank of the Dnipro in the Kherson region. The Ukrainian Southern Operation Command reported that over the past day, Russian aircraft dropped 45 air bombs on facilities in the Kherson and Berislav districts.
Russian war bloggers also report that on October 30th, the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out strikes on Crimea. As a result of one of these strikes, a S-300 air defense system was allegedly damaged  near the village of Molochne.

Recent events in Kherson region will make the Russians think not only about the Donbas, but also strengthen their positions here, said  the director of the Ukrainian Center for Military-Legal Research, Oleksandr Musienko, on the national news broadcast.

The Kherson region is less fortified by the Russians compared to positions on the Zaporizhia direction. There are almost no mine fields here, which means that Ukrainian airborne forces can not only land but also establish a foothold there. Russia is gradually redeploying troops from under Tokmak towards the Dnipro River.

The Kherson front will help divert Russian forces from eastern Ukraine - Avdiivka and Kupyansk. Misienko said that it is very difficult for Russians to launch offensives on multiple fronts simultaneously, which is why they have withdrawn some of their forces from Kupyansk and are redeploying them to Avdiivka.

According to Musienko, Ukraine and Russia are currently  fighting for initiative, to see "who outwits whom". The Russian Defense Ministry is trying to draw some Ukrainian forces to the east, but the General Staff of Ukraine is not playing into the enemy's hands.

Changing weather conditions may affect the fighting, but not in Kherson region, where the battles may continue.

In the winter period, most Ukrainian troops will likely transition to a phase of "active defense", but with occasional localized offensives.

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