Ukrainian Forces press forward on Kherson front, pose growing challenge for Russian troops

Russian war bloggers report on the advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) on the Kherson front. According to the Telegram channel Dozor, Ukrainian army units have taken positions on Velykyi Potomkin Island.

At the same time, Ukrainian military expert Alexander Kovalenko reports that the Russian military command has still not found an optimal solution to the problem of the left bank, where UAF control is expanding their foothold. Furthermore, successful actions of the Ukrainian Army are taking place not only in Krynky but also to the west of the settlement.

As a result, the Russians are urgently deploying reinforcements in an attempt to curb the advance of the UAF.

"Furthermore, to the west of Oleshky, the 24th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the 70th Mechanized Division has taken up defensive positions. This may be linked to the intriguing and very peculiar developments mentioned above, or it may not, but the fact of anxious fortifications being observed cannot be ignored. From this, one can draw a simple conclusion that concern within the ranks of the Dnieper Guard Command of the Russian army is growing along the entire length of the left bank. And it is not surprising, as practically all those areas mentioned earlier have severely limited logistics, the severance of which would be fatal for the Russian armed forces," Kovalenko emphasizes.

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