Ukrainian forces withdraw from two settlements in Donetsk region

Ukrainian Armed Forces have retreated from settlements Severne and Stepne in

Ukrainian armed forces have withdrawn from the small settlements of Severnoe and Stepne in Donetsk region, according to Dmytro Likhovyi, a speaker for the Tavria sector of the Ukrainian Joint Forces Operation. During an evening news broadcast, Likhovyi emphasized that fierce fighting for Severne continued into the evening and night, resulting in significant losses for Russian forces.

Likhovyi reported that Ukrainian Forces have stabilized their defense line in the areas around the villages of Orlivka, Berdychi, and Tonenke. Russian assault groups were blocked in the northeastern periphery of Orlivka. Previously, Likhovoi had announced that the Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated from the village of Lastochkyne in Donetsk region. He stressed this was a necessary step to reorganize defenses along the line of the settlements Orlivka, Tonenke, and Berdychi, as well as to prevent further westward advances of Russian forces.

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