Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summons Hungarian Ambassador over his statements about Hungarian autonomy in Ukraine

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine István Íjgyártó in connection with his recent statements about the autonomy of the Hungarian national minority in Ukraine, reports the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

"On December 2, the Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine István Íjgyártó was invited to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, where he was told about the unacceptability of the statements he made in an interview on November 28," reads the message.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry handed Íjgyártó a note of protest.

Also, the Ministry expressed dissatisfaction with Hungary's attempts to block the Ukraine-NATO Commission over the language issue.

The head of the Hungarian diplomatic mission was also told that the law on education does not violate the rights of Ukrainians of Hungarian origin, but instead provides them with opportunities for better self-realization in Ukraine. The Venice Commission also confirmed this.

On December 1, in an interview with Glavkom news outlet, Íjgyártó said that Budapest will continue to block the holding of the Ukraine-NATO Council because of the education law, which, according to him, "violates the rights of ethnic Hungarians."

  Hungary, Ukraine