Ukrainian Ground Forces Commander: Russian troops intensify attacks in Donetsk region

The Russian troops have significantly strengthened their forces and switched from defense to active operations near  Bakhmut, Donetsk region, said the Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces of , Lieutenant General Oleksandr Syrsky, in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

"The situation remains challenging in the east. The enemy is making attempts to achieve success and daily attacks our positions. They show particular activity in the area of Kupyansk, where they are trying to advance on several fronts. In the area of Bakhmut, the enemy has significantly strengthened their forces and switched to active operations," Syrsky said.

The Russians are trying to stop the advancement of Ukrainian troops and regain lost positions, using airborne units and assault groups from the Storm Z squadrons.

"The enemy's actions are supported by heavy artillery and mortar fire. They are increasingly using of kamikaze drones. At the same time, thanks to the professional and coordinated actions of our soldiers, the enemy is suffering significant losses and cannot achieve its objectives," Syrsky emphasized.

The Ukrainian Ground Forces Commander also reported that he has been working with the commanders of military units where the Russians focus their main efforts, in order to respond promptly to the enemy's actions and develop effective methods of countering them.

He added that he takes every opportunity to communicate with the soldiers. The best of them have been awarded with honors, valuable gifts, and monetary rewards.

  War in Ukraine, Bakhmut, Kupyansk