Ukrainian HIMARS strike destroys key Russian ammunition depot in Belgorod region

The Ukrainian Army has attacked a Russian ammunition and military equipment depot of the group of troops North using HIMARS missile systems.

Russian sources confirm significant losses for the Russian army after the Ukrainian forces targeted an engineering troops' depot in the Belgorod region. The strike occurred around noon on June 9, 2024, and hit Russian military facilities in Centralnoe, Rakitnyansky District, about 30 km from the Sumy region border. The attack was first reported by the Russian Telegram channel Spy Dossier.

Reports indicate that the Russians used these buildings to store weapons, ammunition, and engineering equipment for the military group North. The Ukrainian army launched at least two HIMARS missiles in the assault.

The attack hit a concentration of Russian equipment, resulting in the destruction of at least five Ural-4320 military trucks, with two additional vehicles damaged. A BTR 82AM armored personnel carrier was also destroyed.

Approximately 5,000 units of munitions were lost due to the rocket strike and subsequent secondary detonations. These included TM-62, PMN-2, MON-50, OZM-72 landmines, TNT blocks, and other explosives. There is no information about losses among personnel yet.

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