Ukrainian Intelligence calls 500,000 Russian troops figure not new, highlights decline in training quality

The Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence commented on the reports about 500,000-strong Russian military presence in temporarily occupied territories and along the border, reports TSN, citing an unnamed source.

"The enemy's strength of more than 500,000 is neither a new figure nor new information. The enemy's grouping along Ukraine's borders and in occupied territories exceeds 500,000," the source emphasised.

GUR explained that this number includes all units collectively, including non-combat units, logistical support, engineering troops, National Guard units, and FSB divisions. The intelligence agency noted that losses from time to time force Russia to rotate these units.

"However, the situation does not change significantly. The enemy still retains certain specialised units with high training levels," assured the source.

According to GUR, the current quality of training for Russian troops is significantly lower than at the onset of the full-scale conflict. This decline includes both ground forces and aviation.

"For instance, the training duration for pilots has been reduced, leading to an increased number of crashes in the Russian air force even before entering Ukrainian territory. The quality has deteriorated significantly, but the occupiers still maintain a numerical advantage," the Ukrainian intelligence agency added.

On 6 June, Roman Pohorily, co-founder of DeepState, reported that more than 500,000 Russian soldiers are concentrated in the temporarily occupied territories and along the border. The analyst explained that such a number of troops is needed by Russia for informational pressure.

This information has already been commented on by a Ukrainian Armed Forces lieutenant with the callsign "Alex," who called it manipulative. He emphasised that there is "nothing new" in the figure of 500,000.

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