Ukrainian media: Johnson tells Zelensky not to negotiate with Putin and fight Russia to a victorious end

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged Ukrainian President not to negotiate with Putin but to put pressure on him, writes the Ukrainian news website Ukrainska Pravda, citing a source close to the Ukrainian President.

"Johnson brought two simple messages to Kyiv. Putin is a war criminal. Pressure must be put on him. No negotiations are possible. And secondly, if you are ready to sign any agreement with him, then we will not be part of it. We can have agreements with you, but not with him. He will let everyone down in any case," Ukrainska Pravda quoted its source as saying.

The newspaper suggests that "the Western countries, which in February called on Zelensky to surrender and flee, has now felt that Putin is actually as omnipotent as everyone believed."

Earlier, a well-known businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin suggested in an interview with Radio Svoboda that in two weeks the situation in Ukraine could change so much that there will be a new round of escalation, and "Putin will ask for peace through Erdogan, Xi Jinping or anyone else."

Earlier, military expert Valery Lebedev said that the United States managed to rally around Ukraine even those Western countries who resisted to the last and refused to supply heavy weapons to Kyiv.

According to Lebedev, the Biden administration has radically changed tactics and strategy towards the war in Ukraine. According to Lebedev, the U.S. wants "not only to help Ukraine win, but to do everything in order to weaken Russia as much as possible and deprive it of the opportunity to conduct similar offensive operations in the future." The Washington Post wrote earlier that "This is no longer the war of Ukraine, this is the war of the West against the "wild Asian horde", and the head of the White House has no right to lose it, being the leader of the free world."

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