Kyiv: US to allocate $200 million to strengthen Ukraine's defense and security

Washington decided to allocate $200 million to Kyiv through the Pentagon to strengthen Ukraine’s security and defense in 2018, as stated in a message on Facebook page of the Ukrainian embassy in the United States.

The allocated funds will be spent on providing Ukraine with military equipment, logistics, and training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as “military services”. This decision to provide financial assistance to Kyiv “shows the resolve of the US to support of Ukraine in countering the Russian aggression,” the Ukrainian embassy said.

“The appropriate departments in the US Department of Defense have begun preparing contracts for the supply of military equipment and services for the defense sector of Ukraine,” added the embassy.

In May, the House of Representatives of the US Congress approved the allocation of $250 million for military assistance in Ukraine in 2019. Of this amount, $50 million will be spent on the supply of weapons for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In March, the US federal budget for 2018 of $1.3 trillion was approved.

Of this amount, $620 million was allocated to strengthening Ukraine’s security. $200 million will be granted to Kyiv by the Pentagon, while the remaining $420.7 million by the State Department.

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