US could provide $1 billion aid to Ukraine

The United States could allocate to Ukraine more than $1 billion of assistance, said Ukrainian Ambassador to the US Volodymyr Yelchenko at a press conference, as cited by RBC Ukraine.

According to him, $250 million has already been allocated, and another $50 million will be allocated if certain conditions are met in the implementation of the first part, and another $50 million remains from previous years.

“Overall, in 2020 the allocation is envisaged of $250 million from the Pentagon and another nearly $450 million through the US Department of State – economic assistance. In total, we calculate that the total assistance from the US is $698 million and the purely military assistance is $365,” said Yelchenko.

He also added that the total for this year could thus be over $1 billion.

In December, US President Donald Trump signed the state defense budget for 2020, which includes $300 million in military assistance for Ukraine.

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