US Embassy announces approximate date of Zelensky and Trump meeting

The US chargé d’affaires in Ukraine, William Taylor told Eurointegration in an interview that the presidents of Ukraine and the United States Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump will meet in the fall.

According to him, a short meeting of the leaders may be held in Warsaw or New York, and a long meeting of the two presidents may be organized in a month or two.

"There will be a short meeting in Warsaw or New York. It will be an opportunity for presidents to say hello to each other. Maybe, to share one or two ideas. And the real, full-fledged meeting will take place after that. I hope it will happen in Washington in a month or two. Only then there will be a real, meaningful conversation between the presidents," Taylor stressed.

He also added that the meeting is expected to strengthen relations between the countries. "We expect that after this series of meetings, relations between the US and Ukraine will become stronger. That the presidents will communicate, appreciate the support that the US provides to Ukraine, and confirm that this support will continue," Taylor said.

Earlier, Taylor said about the preparation of the official visit of the President of Ukraine to the United States. But he also noted, that the date of the visit has not yet been agreed. Zelensky received an invitation from Trump to visit Washington in early June.

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