US relocates machinery and equipment from Iraq to Syria

The Telegram channel Directorate 4 (@directirate4) reports that the United States is moving machinery and equipment from the northern Iraq to the Syrian territory. It is reported that ambulances, pickup trucks, and tractors with concrete reinforcements to strengthen positions have arrived in the Syrian province of Al-Hasakah.

"The Coalition, led by the US, is moving machinery and additional equipment from northern Iraq to Syria. Ambulances, pick-up trucks, and tractors with concrete fortifications for equipment positions have been noted as part of the convoy passing through Al-Hasakah," writes Directirate 4.

While Donald Trump released statements suggesting the imminent withdrawal of US troops from the territory of Syria, the information has been refuted by US departments such as the Pentagon, the CIA and the State Department.

General Kenneth McKenzie, who serves as a Director for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said a few days ago that Trump did not mention any specifics.

"Essentially, nothing has changed. President Trump did not specify any timeline for the withdrawal of the US military from Syria. And it’s actually been very good," said McKenzie.

In addition, the American general added that the US army will remain in Syria until it destroys the Islamic State terrorist organization.

The fact that an international coalition column has been sent to northern Syria, which was liberated from ISIS last year shows that the US intends to continue providing support to Kurdish armed forces amid the continued operation “Olive Branch” conducted by the Turkish Army against Kurds in northern Syria.

It was reported earlier that the US military are establishing two new military bases in the region of Manbij which is under the control of Kurdish People’s Defense Unit (YPG).

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