US strategic bombers arrive in Czech Republic

Two American strategic bombers, a B-52 and a B-1B, landed at the Mošnov airport in Ostrava, in the north-east of the Czech Republic. These powerful military aircraft will take part in the NATO Days, Radio Svoboda reports.

“These planes take part in public activities extremely rarely, and so this is a unique occasion, when we can see them in this way,” observed Zbinek Pavlacic, one of the event organizers.

The B-52 and B-1B already participated in the Ample Strike drills alongside the Czech Gripen aircraft this year. The Saudi Hawks, a group of pilots from Saudi Arabia, will also demonstrate their skills in the sky above Ostrava.

The multipurpose UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters will be among the most interesting aircraft at the NATO Days, participating for the first time. The helicopters have been purchased by the Slovak Air Force.

The NATO Days will take place in Ostrava from 16-17 September. The activities prepared by the organizers will involve 80 types of aircraft and 200 types of ground equipment from 17 countries. For the first time, the NATO Days will have participants from three non-European countries: the USA, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday it was reported that a Turkish landing craft had arrived in Odessa for a friendly visit. The Turkish cadets will stay in the city until September 12.

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