Vucic: Serbia doesn’t want to be a part of NATO

Serbia does not wish to join NATO. It wants to maintain its military neutrality, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As TASS reports, the presidents of the two countries discussed the situation in the region, focusing on Serbia’s position regarding the North Atlantic alliance. According to Vucic, his country is “in good relations with all military alliances, including NATO, but Serbia has no desire, no wish to join NATO.”

“Serbia wants to maintain its military neutrality and therefore is working on strengthening its own army in order to repel any aggression,” Vucic added. “We have received support from the Russian Federation on this position.”

According to recent surveys, 52% of Serbian citizens have not forgiven NATO for the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. At the same time, 62% won’t accept the apology of the alliance. The absolute majority of the country's citizens (84%) traditionally oppose the entry of Serbia into NATO, and 68% don’t think that cooperation with NATO will be useful in the future.

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