Washington allows Baltic countries to arm Ukraine with American weapons

The American publication Politico, citing sources in the US State Department, reported that in the near future the Ukrainian army will receive a shipment of American weapons previously delivered to the Baltic states - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as part of cooperation in NATO.

The delivery will be carried out based on three requests received in Washington from these countries in recent weeks.

The mandatory approval by the U.S. Department of State for the transfer of US-made weapons to a "third party" is governed by the export control rules stipulated in the agreements between the United States and NATO.

It is not reported what specific types of American weapons are going to be supplied by Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to Kyiv.

The requests of the Baltic countries for additional military assistance to Ukraine "in the face of possible Russian aggression" were submitted contrary to the position of one of the largest donors of the European Union – Germany, whose representative Ursula von der Leyen heads the European Commission.

On Wednesday, a representative of the German Defense Ministry, commenting on Ukraine's request for the supply of warships and modern air defense systems, said that Germany will continue to follow the policy of restricting arms exports to countries with territorial conflicts.

Earlier, British  Defense Minister James Heappey said that the UK was going to provide several thousand anti-tank systems to the Ukrainian Army.

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