Wives of mobilised Russian soldiers demand elite sons and celebrities replace their husbands on the front lines

The wives of mobilised Russians from the Put’ Domoi (Road home) movement continue their fight for the return of their husbands. This time, the activists have presented a proposal to the authorities, explaining who should be sent to the front lines in place of the soldiers who have been battling for nearly two years following partial mobilisation.

Within their plea, "Put’ Domoi" demands not just any rotation, but that their husbands be replaced with "specific other men." The activists argue that mobilised Russians should be substituted by those who "smirk at the prospect of a nuclear strike and deem it an honour to die for the bloody goals of deranged old men."

The activists have even provided an approximate list of such individuals. It includes two sons of Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Ilya Medvedev, children of journalist Vladimir Solovyov and actor Ivan Okhlobystin, singers Yaroslav Dronov (Shaman) and Rodion Gazmanov, as well as 25-year-old TV presenter Yevgeny Popov.

"We can draft a list so extensive that it would cover replacing every mobilised soldier," the "Put’ Domoi" activists promise.

"And something tells us that such replacements would halt all combat operations very quickly," assert the wives of mobilised Russians.

Puti Domoi movement was listed as a foreign agent in Russia in early June this year.

  War in Ukraine, Russia