Zelensky: Ukraine only uses its own weapons when striking Russian territory

Ukraine does not use Western weaponry to attack military and energy sites in the Russian Federation, instead relying solely on Ukrainian-made arms, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking via video link at the Delphi Economic Forum on Wednesday, April 10.

"I can emphasize this once more. We have never attacked, nor even responded after Russian attacks, with any Western weapons or ammunition on the territory of the Russian Federation. This is a fact. Everything Ukraine has used in response to Russian aggression on our territory is produced exclusively, I underline exclusively, in Ukraine and exclusively for military or energy targets," Zelensky asserted.

The President reassured that even with its own weaponry, Ukraine does not target the civilian population of Russia.

On March 22, the Financial Times reported that the United States had called on Ukraine to refrain from strikes on Russian oil facilities due to the potential for rising oil prices and the prospect of a Russian counterattack. On April 2, U.S. Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith stated that Ukraine has every right to defend its territory from Russian aggression, but America does not support striking targets within Russia.

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