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  • Damascus: Syria is ready for war with Israel

    Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad sent an official warning to Christine Lund, the Head of the UNTSO, the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization between Israel on one side and Syria and Lebanon on the other.

    In his statement, Mekdad accused Israel of using violence and harming the regional stability, as well as expressed his outrage at the intention of the United States to pass a law recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

    Last week, Republican Senators Ted …

  • Putin and Netanyahu to discuss Iranian presence in Syria

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he would meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow later this month, to discuss Iranian presence in Syria.

    Negotiations on February 21st will be devoted to Israel’s efforts to prevent Iran from creating a “new [ant-Israeli] front on the other side of Golan Heights,” Netanyahu said on Tuesday.

    Moscow has not yet confirmed that the meeting would take place.

    This will be the third meeting between Netanyahu and Putin since July 2018 …

  • Israel strikes new targets in Syria

    On the night of 20 January, the Israeli military launched another missile strike against targets in Syria. The attack targeted Iranian weapons depots, an intelligence facility, a training camp, and Syrian aerial defense batteries. The Israel Defense Force (IDF) stressed that the attack was a response to a surface-to-surface missile attack launched from Syria against Israel’s Golan Heights.

    “These are the Iranian Quds military sites in Syria that we targeted in response: munition storage sites, …

  • Israel rejects Russian idea for a buffer zone in the Golan Heights

    Israeli authorities have rejected the Russian proposal to create a 100-kilometer zone at the borderline between Israel and Syria, into which Iranian troops would not be allowed. This proposal was offered on Monday, July 23, during negotiations between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a Russian delegation led by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Jerusalem.

    In response to Lavrov, Netanyahu said that Israel would not allow Iranian forces, fighting on the side of Syrian dictator …

  • Tensions flare between Russian and Iranian forces in Syria

    Tensions between Russian and Iranian forces have started to spread to the Syrian army.

    Russia, which wants members of Hezbollah and Iranian troops to withdraw from the Golan Heights, is not happy with the fact that not all have left the area, reports the blog bmpd.

    It has been noted that some Shiite units have begun wearing Syrian army uniforms and have continued the hostilities. Specifically, they have donned the uniforms of the 4th Panzer Division, which is under the command of Maher Assad, …

  • Israel puts troops in state of high alert

    Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has ordered local authorities to prepare bomb shelters. This was after the military noted “irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria,” the Jerusalem Post reported a military spokesman as saying.

    Additionally, the Israeli military was put on high alert and deployed air defense forces in the northern part of the country, the newspaper reported.

    “The IDF is prepared for various scenarios and warns that any aggression against Israel will be met with a severe …

  • Israel closes air space over Golan Heights

    Israel has closed  the air space over the Golan Heights to air traffic, ordering all passenger flights and cargo planes in Israeli airspace and lose to Syrian border to remain under 5,000 ft. altitude.Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu  also warned Assad that any action against Israel will be dangerous for his regime.

    According to the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the Israeli Defense Forces had been notified in advance about airstrikes on targets in Syria by the coalition.

    Israeli media …