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  • Spanish judge finds Russian involvement in Catalan independence case

    Russia offered the Catalan independence movement support with soldiers and money.

    Spanish judge Joaquin Aguirre investigating the diversion of public funds to pay for the former head of the Catalan pro-independence movement Carles Puigdemont’s  structure in Waterloo , as well as other expenses, suspects that, days before the Catalan unilateral declaration of independence, Russia offered to send to Catalonia 10,000 soldiers and pay the Catalan debt , which the former Catalan president rejected, …

  • Spain returns to China unreliable coronavirus test kits also purchased by Ukraine

    Spain has sent a large batch of rapid coronavirus test kits back to the Chinese manufacturer because they proved unreliable, reports El Pais.

    On March 10, Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko announced that the Ukrainian authorities bought similar rapid test kits. These test kits were to be distributed to seven hospitals for coronavirus testing.

    It is noted that the first 9,000 test kits from the shipment had an accuracy of only 30% while the required accuracy is at least 80%.

    At the same time, …

  • Russian state agency employee detained in Spain at US request

    Olesya Krasilova, a Russian citizen and employee of the state agency All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center, was detained while departing from Tenerife airport, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday, February 21. This happened on February 14, when the Russian was returning from a business trip, which she went to on February 10, as part of an official Russian delegation, the Foreign Ministry said. The organization in which she works is subordinate to the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary …

  • Russian citizen detained in Spain at US request

    Spanish police arrested a Russian citizen at the request of the United States, reports TASS news agency, citing the Russian Embassy in Madrid.

    According to the embassy, the police detained a man on September 20 at the Valencia airport at the request of the United States. The Russian citizen was arrested, and after that, an employee of the Russian Consulate General in Barcelona visited him. A local lawyer is involved in the case. The diplomatic mission added that they are carefully following …

  • Spanish consul swims across Kerch Strait in violation of Ukraine's ban

    Spain’s Honorary Consul in Uzbekistan Alfonso Lopez Pandiella participated in the Russian X-Waters competition on June 1, swimming across the Kerch Strait from the Chushka Spit, in the Krasnodar Territory of Russia, to the Yeni-Kale fortress in Kerch, reported Radio Svoboda.

    Pandiella confirmed this fact to journalists but declined to comment on whether the organizers had warned him about the consequences of visiting the annexed Crimea.

    “I don’t know. No comment,” he said.

    The diplomat also …

  • Giuliani wanted to give Zelensky a message from Trump

    US President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani has revealed the goal of his planned visit to Ukraine, which was ultimately called off. He told in an interview that he wanted to give Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a message from Donald Trump.

    Giuliani said that, first and foremost, he wanted to convince Zelensky to continue the investigation into Hunter Biden, son of Trump’s primary competitor and former vice president Joe Biden, as well as the other people …

  • Russia summons Spanish ambassador over ‘old enemy’ remark

    Spanish Ambassador to Moscow Fernando Valderrama has been summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry over a comment made by acting Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell.

    In an interview with El Periodico, Borrell mentioned Russia only once, while talking about changes in the world. “A lot has changed. Our ally (the US) is turning its back on us. Our old enemy, Russia, is once again asserting itself and posing a threat, and China is becoming a rival,” he said, adding that in such a situation …

  • Media: Russia behind cyberattack on the Spanish Defense Ministry

    The Russian cyber espionage group Fancy Bear is behind a cyber-attack on the internal network of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, which was reported in late March.

    According to the newspaper El Español, the Spanish authorities believe that Russia and hackers associated with it are the "foreign power" behind the attack.

    The investigators reached this conclusion by analyzing the cybercriminals’ methods and finding in them the “Russian trace”. In particular, similar attacks were carried out …

  • Russian hacker accused of bank cyber-attacks pleads guilty in US court

    Russian programmer Stanislav Lisov, extradited to the United States from Spain in 2018, pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit a hacker attack, reported TASS with a reference to Russian lawyer Arkady Bukh and the Prosecutor's Office of the Southern District of New York. 

    Lisov pleaded guilty to one of the two charges. The maximum penalty for this crime is five years in prison. Bukh said that after serving the sentence in the United States, the Russian is likely to be deported to his homeland.  …

  • Spain arrests three Russian mafia leaders

    The police in Marbella, south of Spain, arrested three criminal mafia leaders from the former Soviet Union countries. They are accused of the attempted murder, documents falsification and being members of a criminal organization.  Country’s police released a video of their arrest that took place in a cafe.

    According to the Spanish police, the criminal leaders were detained when they allegedly discussed the plan to kill a member of the rival gang.

    According to DW report based on the Spanish …