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  • Ukraine received 26.5 mln cubic meters of gas from Europe since the beginning of March

    During the first four days of March, Ukraine received 26.5 million cubic meters of natural gas from European Union countries, as announced by the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry.

    The Ministry specified that 17 million cubic metres was obtained from Slovakia, 7 million cubic meters from Hungary, and 2.5 million cubic meters from Poland.

    As reported, on March 2nd, the National Joint-Stock company, Naftogaz of Ukraine and the Polish company, PGNiG signed a contract for the urgent …

  • Ukraine and Russia are ready for a dialogue with the European Commission on the gas transit issue

    Ukraine and Russia have prepared for close, consistent communication regarding gas transit issues, RIA Novosti reports, quoting a representative of the European Commission. "Ukraine and Russia have confirmed their readiness to remain in close contact with the European Commission," the source said.

    According to him, the Vice President of the European Commission for Energy Union, Maroš Šefčovič was informed of Gazprom's intention to terminate contracts with Naftogaz. He also added that all …

  • Belarus company begins drilling the second well for Ukrainian hydrocarbon deposits

    Experts of Belorusneft Production Association have begun drilling the second well on Ukraine’s hydrocarbon deposits, BELTA news agency informs. The Number 43 exploratory well is being constructed over the Semyrnkivsky gas condensate field at a depth of 6,572 meters.

    This is the second deep-drilling-services project in Ukraine implemented by Belarusian oil workers. The first started in September last year. That was directional well Number 25, bored with a Drillmec machine in the Semyrenkivska …

  • Czech Republic to invest $200 million in gas exploration projects in Ukraine

    The Ukrainian natural gas production sector might receive a new foreign investor soon. A Slovak oil and gas drilling company, Nafta intends to invest $200 million USD in exploration and extraction of natural gas in Ukrainian gas fields. A statement came from representatives of Nafta and its main stakeholder, Czech Republic-based EPH holding during their last visit to Kyiv, as reported by Joseph Levoca, the director for exploration and production presented plans to develop the …

  • Ukraine accuses Russia of illegal gas production at the Odessa shelf

    Since the annexation of the Crimea, Russia has illegally extracted over 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas from the Odessa gas field, as reported by Hromadske citing Svitlana Nezhnova, Chairman of the Board of the state-owned joint-stock company Chornomornaftogaz (the company considers itself as the legal owner of oil and gas assets in the Crimea).

    Replying to the question as to whether Russia plans to stop gas production at the Odessa gas field, Nezhnova answered that such statements were not …

  • Ukrainian media: gas fields in Poltava will be awarded to Interior Minister’s associates

    The State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine will give 11 gas-bearing areas in the Poltava region, without competition, to the company connected with the associates of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, as stated in an article in Economichna Pravda newspaper.

    All eleven sites belonged to the Golden Derrick firm during Viktor Yanukovych’s presidency. They were confiscated during Petro Poroshenko’s first year as president.

    According to sources, applications for the out-of- …

  • Turkmenistan ready to transport energy resources through Caspian region to international markets

    Turkmenistan is ready to activate the internal “East-West” gas pipeline to transport its energy resources to the international markets through the Caspian region, Turkmenistanyn Dowlet Habarlar reports.

    With the activation of the East-West pipeline in December 2015, major prospects opened up for the further expansion of multilateral mutually beneficial partnerships in the energy sector, the commentary states.

    “If needed, it can be used to transport Turkmen energy resources to international …

  • Russians point weapons at Ukrainian ship as it inspects Ukraine’s marine economic zone

    The marine protection ship Grigory Kuropyatnikov conducted a planned survey of Ukraine’s exclusive (marine) economic zone in the gas deposit region, during which it documented further violations by Russia, the Ukrainian State Border Services reported. The survey was done at all the active deposits in the northwest part of the Black Sea – Shtormove, Arkhangelsk, Golitsynsk and Odessa.

    “The goal of the interdepartmental group was to verify the received information concerning the initiation of …

  • Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister: Belarus' dependence on Russian gas and oil is 'dangerous'

    “We have a dangerous dependence, even if it is with a friendly country. We receive 95% of our energy resources from there,” Semashko said to journalists in Minsk on Tuesday.

    He stressed that the Republic is building BelAES (the nuclear power plant) to avoid this dependence.

    Semashko expressed his confidence that there would be a significant increase in prices for natural gas in the near future. Before this happens, the nuclear power plant will be operational and Belarus will be insured …

  • The Estonian government will send the European Commission a proposal to fine Gazprom

    The Estonian government had a meeting on Thursday and decided to invite the European Commission to fine PJSC Gazprom for abusing the monopoly position in the gas market.

    “Considering the scale of the violation, Estonia believes that the antimonopoly investigation against Gazprom should be completed in a way that ensures the cessation of abuse of the monopoly position, followed by a fine. According to Estonia, in this case, the taking of obligations by Gazprom is not proportional to the size of …