Canadian Foreign Minister: Ukraine has not submitted a request for supply of lethal weapons yet

Ukraine has not yet applied to Canada for the purchase of weapons, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, during a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

"We have included Ukraine in the list of countries to which Canadian plants are permitted to sell Canadian weapons. This is just the first step. We have a complex process in Canada, which is very important for us to control the export of arms. We take this very seriously because this is a very large the responsibility on the part of our government and myself... It is necessary that there be a request for the purchase of weapons and then it becomes a process," the minister said.

Freeland explained that it is prohibited to sell weapons to any country not on the list. "Ukraine has been on this list since December 13 and we are very happy about it... First we need a request for the purchase of weapons, and then it becomes a process. Since December 13, there have been no requests. The process has not begun yet," reported Freeland.

On December 13, Canada authorized the export of automatic weapons to Ukraine.

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