Hungarian Parliament adopts resolution to support Poland against Brussels 'pressure'

On February 20, the Hungarian Parliament adopted a resolution "to support Poland against pressure from Brussels", reported the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

Parliament called on the Hungarian government not to support proposals resulting from the country's membership in the EU that would restrict the exercise of fundamental Polish rights.

"We’re calling on the Hungarian government to support Poland; to ensure that Poland avoids being stripped of rights guaranteed by the EU treaty; to stand up against any ideas that would restrict its EU member rights," says the resolution prepared by Zsolt Németh, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

The resolution passed with 114 votes (with 13 votes against), in the presence of the Polish Ambassador Jerzy Snopek.

The resolution stresses that "the Hungarian Parliament considers it unjustified that the European Parliament and the European Commission initiated a case against Poland in accordance with Article 7 of the EU Treaty and has adopted [such] a decision on this issue."

Hungarian politicians have repeatedly stated that Poland can always count on their support.

In November 2017, the European Parliament recommended the application of sanctions against Poland.

In December, the European Commission decided for the first time in history to launch sanctions procedures against Poland for violating rule of law.

The Commission gave the Polish authorities three months to take action through legal proceedings that could rectify the situation. If Poland does not do this, it could lead to the imposition of sanctions and, in particular, to Poland losing its vote in the EU.

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