Kremlin bans Russian media from reporting about mobilization

The Kremlin has banned government-controlled media outlets from reporting about the mobilization, reports Moscow Times, citing two anonymous sources in the government media.

This decision came from the presidential administration amid rumors about the second wave of conscription and the order to increase the number of the Russian army by 350 thousand people. "Before that, we could write about the current mobilization, and about possible scenarios and forecasts. Now all forecasts are stopped. The government order says that it is not allowed to quote, even if the statement was made by a deputy of the Russian State Duma or a senator, " the Moscow Times’ source says.

Russian MPs can still speak freely about mobilization. At least, no one is forcing the representatives of the opposition to stop expressing opinions on this topic. "Perhaps there is such a requirement for the United Russia party. No one forbade us anything of the kind," the source from the Russian Parliament’s opposition told the journalist. "Our members comment if they are asked," a Communist Party spokesman said.

In addition, despite the official statement of Vladimir Putin about the end of the mobilization, the authorities continue with it. The day before yesterday, the Putin signed a decree ordering to create a working group on "training and mobilization", as well as ensure social and legal protection of military personnel participating in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

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